Hacksaw Ridge

Hacksaw Ridge

tytuł polski: Przełęcz ocalonych

director/reżyseria: Mel Gibson

USA, 2016

My favourite film is "Hacksaw Ridge". It tells a story of a soldier, Desmond Doss, who is a pacifist, that is he doesn't recognize violence. He joins the army during World War II and doesn't touch a weapon. When soldiers conquer the Hacksaw Mountain, he saves about 100 people - when the armies stop fighting he stays and saves the wounded. No one expected it from him, before these events his companions in the army did not consider him to be a good soldier. 

The film implies that war can be won not only with violence. The movie fell deep into my memory, that's why I consider it my favourite.

(The film is based on true events).

for more information go to: imdb.com, filmweb.pl

Kacper R.