tytuł polski: Nietykalni

director/reżyseria: Olivier Nakache, Eric Toledano

Francja, 2011

The film is a French drama and comedy in one, of which the director is Olivier Nakache. The action takes place in Paris. The film tells the authentic story of a paralyzed millionaire and a young boy employed by him to take care of him. The cast includes Omar Sy as Driss and Francois Cluzet as Philippe.

The millionaire's name is Philippe and he is completely paralyzed as a result of an accident, only the head and mind remain healthy. The boy, who is called Driss, comes from the poor suburbs of Paris and when looking for a job he answers to Philipp's announcement, who needs someone to take care of him. Philippe is older and fussy about the candidates. When the two characters get to know each other an extraordinary relationship forms between them. Driss has an original sense of humour that Philippe doesn't have after the accident. They experience different adventures, which are quite humorous.

It's a real masterpiece in which the best actors perform. I can recommend this film to everyone who likes comedies and dramas with an unusual sense of humour. The film will also interest every fan of good cinema.

Dawid Gerek

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