tytuł polski: Obdarowani

director/reżyseria: Marc Webb

USA, 2017

The flm "Gifted" is an American drama directed by Marc Webb and writtten by Tom Flynn. It's one of my favourite movies because it tells an interesting story and I like to return to it.

The action takes place in Florida. It's about a child, Mary Adler, who has been living with her uncle since her mother's death. This 7-year-old girl has unusual mathematical skills and her uncle Frank has been teaching her at home. Then Mary is sent to a nearby elementary school, but she isn't happy about it seeing that she already knows everything that her class is learning now. Her rich grandmother Evelyn is also upset about it and thinks Mary should go to a private school for gifted children. However, Frank turns that idea down. Based on his family's experiences with similar schools he fears that Mary will not have a chance at a normal childhood there. Evelyn tries to take over the full rights to raise her granddaughter, Frank is supported in this conflict by his best friend Roberta Taylor and Mary's teacher Bonnie Stevenson.

This is a really moving and gripping story. It shows us how strong relathionships between an uncle and a niece can be. It's also difficult to choose a side in this conflict; some will probably be on the side of the grandmother, others will side with the uncle, and some others still will agree with the headmaster of the school, with whom all the problems started. All these doubts make us feel attached to the story and curious about how it will end.

The movie is very touching; however, we are focused mostly on what Frank feels and I think we should have more insight into Mary's thoughts, but these are missing from the movie. The director absolutely forgot to show us Mary's emotions and feelings.

But not counting that one fault I can truly recommend this film to everyone. It will interest every fan of good cinema.

Natalia Kachel

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