tytuł polski: Braveheart - waleczne serce

director / reżyseria: Mel Gibson

USA, 1995

This is a movie for fans of Scotland’s medieval history, but not only. The plot of the film is based on real events and includes historical characters like William Wallace, the leader of the Scottish Uprising in the early 14th century. At the beginning of the film, young Wallace loses his loved ones and his father’s brother takes care of him. When the boy grows up he returns to his hometown and falls in love with Marion Braidfute. She reciprocates his affection and agrees to marry William secretly one night. Some time later, Marion is  attacked by King Edward’s knights who try to hurt her. Unfortunately, during an attempt to escape Marion is caught and killed in a public execution. When William gets to know about the death of his beloved, he swears revenge, gathers an army of his most faithful companions and begins to raid villages, murdering only the king’s faithful followers. In the meantime, the king plans to attack Scotland with armed forces and subdue it. However, William’s actions cross his plans.

I know some people don’t like spoilers, so I won’t reveal the ending of the movie, but if you know the story of the Scottish uprising’s leader, you can be sure that the film does not differ from the original. This film is worth watching not only because it shows the history of medieval England, the beauty of Scotland’s nature, or the tragic and difficult love of the main characters, but also for the music of James Horner (I am a huge fan of James Horner’s music), which for me is the most beautiful film soundtrack ever. Music from Braveheart was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Film Music, and the film won an Oscar.

Julia Wasilewska

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